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Team Channeled Aggression

This page is for the guys on the team who want to sell some gear. If you are interested in some of the stuff up for sale here give me an e-mail at

1 JT spectras
- Good condition mask but the lense has cracks in the THERMAL PART ONLY so you can still use them, the protective layer is fine.

1) 4 vertical splat gear pack!
4 pb virus pods ( 2 blue 2 green )
Price: 35 shipped obo

2) 1 JT Spectra with:
a Blue / Purple Thermal lenze
Price: 50 shipped obo

3) I also have a Black Bench Mark 45 cocker frame
for sale. Comes with internals and Houg grips.
Price: Make an Offer!

4)ASA with guage port - $10

ANS GEN X cocker. Just had it reannoed a nice glossy black so the gun is in perfect cosmetic and working condition.

comes with -

vert feed body with Generation X milled into the side
ANS front pnuematics
ANS Genx REG (just sent out to ans to be tuned up and cleaned)
Benhcmark frame with ANS wuick fire system
shocktech Delron bolt
ANS turbo valve
Anything else a GEN X comes with'

All trade offers are welcome unless noted otherwise.